OMJA Catering

Salt Spring Island, BC, Canada

About OMJA Catering

Is this your business?

    My name is Naomi, I am an Indian and Caribbean chef and owner of omja foods.

    Many of you know me from the markets and various events on Salt Spring Island.

    I am slightly worried about the craze this virus has created and the potential loss of tourism and clients.

    I am trying to be proactive, so I thought to let you know I am offering organic frozen meals, soups, curry's and other meals prepared at your convenience for you to warm up whenever needed.

    I will deliver for a $10 fee but customers are welcome to pick up as well, which is super close to town.

    OMJA Catering

    Our Address

    Salt Spring Island, BC, Canada

    – Soups 12oz
    Vegetable $7
    Chicken or Beef $8

    – Curry’s, 12oz
    Vegetable $8
    Beef or Chicken $9
    Goat, Lamb or Duck $12
    Wild Fish $16
    Prawns $18
    Crab $26

    – Samosa
    Vegetable $5
    Beef or Chicken $6
    Lamb Goat or Bison $7

    – Lasagna, 6 to 8 servings
    Vegetable $65
    Beef or Chicken Lasagna $80

    – Dahl with Spinach, 12oz $7
    – Oxtail, $14
    – Variety of Pizza’s, $20
    – Salads, $10
    – Baked dishes upon request
    – Anything you need

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